Newcomer bus tour in sunny autumn



Our Welcome Bus Tours for newcomers are always a bit risky due to unpredictable weather in April and October – but this time we were really lucky and blessed with a wonderful windy, cloudy and sunny autumn day. After a short walk on campus and quick peeks into lecture halls and historical buildings we took of with more than 30 researchers to a guided city tour – comfy in an historical red bus called IKARUS. Soft chairs, small tables and funny interiours make this bus very special from the inside, but also the appearance of the bus itself in the city is usually a reason for tourists to wave their hands. We crossed bridges and stopped in front of the Albrecht castles to have the Dresden-alltime-favourite cake “Eierschecke” After that we got out right in the old town center to visit the Zwinger for a couple of minutes, and headed to the Wenzel Prager Bierstuben restaurant later for a dinner together with some more researchers.

Thanks for the loveley evening and all the best for your research stay!

Photos: C. Reichert & G. Bomfim




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