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November 2018

Dear international researcher,

There is a lot going on in the Welcome Center right now: We are preparing the Christmas party, organizing last events for you this year and preparing the final accounts. At the moment we are very busy supporting new arriving scientists and their families. We kindly ask you to make an appointment if you would like a personal consultation.
Competition: This time we have a very special offer for you: for your recommendations for good doctors, driving schools, tax consultants and helpful specialists we raffle two vouchers for two Flixbus tickets each for all of Europe (round trip) via our cooperation partner Santander Universities. So, consider carefully which specialists you can absolutely recommend in Dresden.
Already today you can note the date for our annual Potluck-Christmas party in your calendar: Saturday 1 December at the Thalia Kino on Görlitzer Straße.
Like the University, the Welcome Center closes over Christmas and New Year from 22 December 2018 – 6 January 2019.

Already today you can note the date for our annual Potluck-Christmas party in your calendar: Saturday 1 December at the Thalia Kino on Görlitzer Straße.

At the moment we are very busy supporting new arriving scientists and their families. We kindly ask you to make an appointment if you would like a personal consultation. Like the University, the Welcome Center closes over Christmas and New Year from 22 December 2018 – 6 January 2019.

Your Welcome Center team

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We are looking for your recommendations!
Now you’re in demand! Every day we receive similar questions: Do you know a driving school where I get English lessons? I need physiotherapy, but the therapists only speak German, can you help? Any good doctors around that speak another language than German? Do you know a good English-speaking bike shop?
In many cases, we can arrange for doctors and institutions who claim to speak English on the Internet. Unfortunately, these statements are often not up to date or only partially correct. However, we know that you often already have experiences with doctors, therapists and other institutions that have been able to support you very well and in English. We would like to ask you about these experiences in order to pass them on to other scientists and their families upon request.  Please fill out the form below. Your answers will be treated anonymously and will not be published.
Among all submissions we raffle 2x one return trip with the Flixbus vouchers valid for any Flixbus route. Enter your e-mail address if you would like to take part in the competition.
Many thanks on behalf of the Welcome Center and all international researchers here in Dresden.

Here you can participate: https://ddcwelcome.de/recommendations

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Christmas Elves Project 2018
Dresden families invite internationals (open to everyone)

Christmas is a time to celebrate and to be together. As a very personal Christmas tradition, the DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center at TU Dresden invites German families to share the spirit of Christmas with international researchers. As hosts, German families show international researchers and their families and friends how this special time is celebrated in Germany and Dresden. Together they bake biscuits, enjoy mulled wine, sing Christmas carols or visit a Christmas market. In return, the researchers give them an insight into their own culture, tell them about their traditions or their special holidays and perhaps even surprise the hosts with some traditional dishes. And don’t be afraid of language barriers. The less both sides speak each other’s languages, the more hands and feet you use and the more fun it will be ;)

The invitations will take place between 7 December 2018 and 6 Januar 2019. All information on registration here: https://ddcwelcome.de/christmas2018

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Kulturdolmetscher gesucht / Cultural interpreters wanted

At Stabsstelle Diversity Management of TU Dresden a project aiming at competent German speakers was started. Encouraged speakers are asked to support the City of Dresden to interpret, especially as preschool teacher assistants. Within this project many collaborations to public educational institutions are found. The so-called „Kulturdolmetscher“ (KD) help the staff in kindergartens or after school care out. The Diversity Management department finds jobs and accompanies those who want to build bridges with their first languages (Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Urdu, Russian) and their cultural background. It is recommended, that the KDs meet with staff and management regularly to review their activities and communicate directly with parents. KDs meet periodically as a group at TU Dresden for trainings and for further reflection. Committed KDs, who want to start a further education to become a childcare worker themselves, are supported by the team of Stabsstelle Diversity Management. If you are interested in this intercultural work, please call or write Gabriele Feyler and Diana-Victoria Menzel as the responsible members at Stabsstelle Diversity Management of TU Dresden.

You can address Gabriele Feyler or Diana-Victoria Menzel here:

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28 November 2018 Career Café: Work Place Etiquette in Germany – A guide to survive (INTAP – open to everyone)
Are you an international student or researcher in Dresden? Are you planning to join the Dresden workforce soon? Are you nervous about fitting in with your German co-workers? Or have you already joined the workforce but feel like German workculture can be challenging to ease into? Let us improve the transition into the German workplace by increasing your understanding of work place etiquette in Germany.
Join intap together with one of our project supporters-Techniker Krankenkasse Dresden (TK).
We will discuss the typical German workplace, how to best communicate with co-workers, established cultural norms and other customs such as celebration of holidays. Our career café will take place on location at Technische Krankenkasse near campus.
Sign up now as space is limited! Take advantage of this free event.

You can register here:

Photo: MD – Thank you!

Welcome Center Potluck Christmas Party at Thalia Cinema
1 December 2018 – The tastiest event of the year (open to everyone)

Remember the date!
The most beautiful and contemplative event of this year is imminent again and we are really looking forward to it. Traditionally our Christmas party takes place in the most beautiful cinema of the city on an Advent weekend. All invited international scientists bring little treats, we eat and drink and chat and finally we sink comfortably in our cinema seats and watch a Christmas movie. This time we show the most famous Christmas film of East Germany “Three hazelnuts for Cinderella”. A Czech/(East) German production from 1973, which can be seen at least twenty times a year on German television. In Germany there is no version with English subtitles, but in Prague you can find it… and for you we have spared no cost and effort ;) Ask your colleagues, everyone knows this film, everyone loves it!
So, you are very welcome with your families and friends! We are happy if you bring something traditional to eat and enjoy the day with us. We start at 11 a.m.!

You don’t have to register, we are happy if you come along with your friends like every year. Use the comments to announce what you have to offer :) Plus: there will be a prize!

Photo: C. Reichert

Reminder for 2 December 2018: Winter excursion to Meißen (students & PostDocs only – few free spots available)

Meissen, hometown of the famous porcelain and good wine. But did you know that the first Saint of Saxony also lived there? Would you like to experience the winter atmosphere at the Meissen Christmas Market and the scent of cinnamon, Christmas cookies and mulled wine on the street? Meissen is always worth a visit. The view of the city and the Elbe from Albrechtsburg Castle is spectacular. So is a tour of the historic city. You can already register now, information about departure and costs will be sent to you soon.

When: Sunday, 2 December 2018, 11.30 a.m.
Fee: 2 EUR (to be paid on site)
Registration: Please register latest until Thursday 29 November online via www.ddcwelcome.de/home/events

Photo: C. Reichert

8 December 2018: Discovery of Christmas markets and small surprises (PhD students and PostDocs only)

We asked Laura Park if she could imagine offering us another special tour this year – and we are lucky, she has not only time but also an idea!
Laura invites you to discover the Christmas markets of this city with her – let yourself be surprised. So far, this includes a small Stollen-tasting session, a silly, hands-on workshop (possibly making Pflaumentoffel) in the Kulturpalast and a visit to the Stallhof for Glühwein, as well as historical stuff about Christmas traditions in Dresden.

When: Saturday, 8 December 2018, 4 – 8 p.m.
Where: Altmarkt, in front of Kreuzkirche

Fee: 5 EUR (to be paid )
Registration: Please register latest until Thursday 6 December (first come, first served) online via www.ddcwelcome.de/home/events

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