Off track in the ore mountains
Hiking with Therése

Make hay while the sun shines, especially when it is a warm sunny Sunday in the middle of October. To make most of it, a group of 12 lively internationals followed Therése down the rolling paths of her homeland, the ore mountains. Our hike started at Nassau, a small village in the ore mountains. From here we walked down the gently winding roads, characteristics of the ore mountain, enjoying the green fields. Autumn was at its artistic best and the horizon was made colourful by shades of golden, red and brown on the trees.

Conversations flowed easy and jokes were soon being exchanged within the diverse group which had 11 different nationalities. Therése shared interesting local anecdotes along with providing a crash course in recognising mushrooms which seemed to be popping all over the place.

For lunch we paused to admire the wood carved art of Andreas Martin ( The inspiration for the artwork ranged from classical to diabolical to sensual. This had our group’s full attention and we discussed it animatedly as we enjoyed the local wild wurst and beer surrounded by some of these masterpieces. The last half hour of Therése’s hike are stuff memories are made of. We offroaded in style through paths thick with golden crispy autumn leaves. The breath taking beauty of this warm autumn afternoon made us stop several times before arriving at the Mulda station just in time to catch the train back home.

Overall, if was a perfect farewell to summer and a warm welcome to Autumn. Cheers to Therése for organising a wonderful hike yet again and to the group for all its good vibes.

(Text by Neelakshi, photos by everyone)


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