Scientific Crushers
We conquered the river Elbe. Again!

For the third time in a row, international scientists from Dresden CONCEPT e.V. research institutes competed in the annual dragon boat race during the Elbhangfestival in Loschwitz. Also this year, our 21 crew members came from more than 14 nations from all around the globe. Our quest started already 2 weeks before with a first training session. There we learned the basics of how to handle this about 10 meter long ‘dragon’, which is more difficult than expected. With tired arms and some muscle pain, we were confident and excited for the real race afterwards.

And finally, las Saturday afternoon, we could enter the ‘dragon’ and crushed the waters of the river Elbe. It was tough and we had to exchange two members for our second race, but we did it. In both 400m races, we managed to reach the third place, which we consider a great success.

The Welcome Center thanks all the motivated paddlers  for their commitment and also we were happy to see so many cheering for our team at the river side .

Also a big thank you goes to our highly skilled boat captains for navigating us safely through troubled water. Everyone had a great time, and hopefully, next year a new edition of the Scientific Crushers will conquer the river Elbe.

(Text by N. Beuchold, Pictures by N. Beuchold and C. Reichert)


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