Short trips in Saxony – Leipzig

Leipzig old town (Photo: H. Pohl)
Leipzig old town (Photo: H. Pohl)

If you ask anyone in Saxony which city you should visit besides Dresden, they’ll probably immediately reply “Leipzig”. The reasons are perfectly obvious, as Leipzig, with its over 1.000 years of history, combines both tradition and the modern age, culture and new trends. Thanks to its architecture, Leipzig has several nicknames: It is called “Little Paris”, “Athens on the River Pleisse” and “Venice of the North”. No matter which resemblance you prefer, once you visit Leipzig, you’ll find that the city of the Peaceful Revolution has a unique charm and that there are lots of things to visit. We have just been on an excursion to Leipzig and we have compiled a small selection of places to see for everyone who couldn’t join us:

Museum of Fine Arts

Founded in 1837, the Museum of Fine Arts holds a collection of about 2.700 paintings, 750 sculptures and over 55.000 drawings. Changing exhibitions complement the collection, showing the works of contemporary artists. The museum is famous for its collection of Cranach paintings, which is unique in the world.

The three collections invite the visitor on a tour through various forms of art: The Painting Collection includes works from the beginning of the 15th century to the late 20th century and shows the paintings of famous artists like Claude Monet, Otto Dix and others. The Graphic Collection shows masterpieces by German, Italian, French and Dutch artists and covers the time period from the end of the 15th to the beginning of the 19th century. Finally, the Sculpture Collection, which was established in 1848, both shows famous works from antiquity and the Renaissance as well as more recent art.

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Museum in the “Round Corner”

Leipzig played a big role in the most recent German history and this history is brought to life in a museum focusing on the East German State Security Service (called “Stasi”). The location had once been the Leipzig district headquarters of the Stasi and now, as a museum, gives insights into its history and development as well as the methods of the Stasi. In the exhibition “Stasi – Power and Banality” the shown artefacts include photographs and documents, counterfeit stamps, surveillance devices and much more. Different parts of the museum focus on the various departments of the Stasi. A reproduction of a cell, where prisoners were awaiting trial, also makes history come alive. The museum also shows the significance of the Peaceful Revolution and its achievements.

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Even more things to see

As we’ve already mentioned: Leipzig is a city with lots of interesting places and it’s definitely worth more than one trip. If you want to find out more about sights or guided tours (which are available in German and 14 other languages), just visit this website:

Text: S. Schückel

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