Scientific Crushers
We conquered the river Elbe. Again!

For the third time in a row, international scientists from Dresden CONCEPT e.V. research institutes competed in the annual dragon boat race during the Elbhangfestival in Loschwitz. Also this year, our 21 crew members came from more than 14 nations from all around the globe. Our quest started already 2 weeks before with a first training session. There we learned the basics of how to handle this about 10 meter long ‘dragon’, which is more difficult than expected. With tired arms and some muscle pain, we were confident and excited for the real race afterwards. And finally, las Saturday afternoon, […]

Science People! Paddle People!
The Remarkable Return of the Scientific Crushers!

For the second time, we brought together 19 international young researchers to start at this year’s dragon boat cup at Elbhangfest last Sunday, 26 June. Our team “The Scientific Crushers” counted with sportive scientists from 12 countries: Iran, Poland, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Slovakia, Albania, Russia, India, Serbia, Italy, Bolivia and last but not least Germany. After only one successful training session at June 11 we managed to deliver an impressive performance to our cheerleaders and fans! We competed with five academic teams at the “Hochschul-Pokal”. At our first race at 2:40 p.m. we had some starting problems but only a couple […]

Come together – at the Elbhangfest

The hillside along the river Elbe is famous for its beauty and every year there’s a street festival to celebrate this special cultural landscape – the Elbhangfest. The tradition of the Elbhangfest began in 1990 as a charity event for the church in the vineyard of Pillnitz and the restauration of the church in Loschwitz. However, the first grand festivities took place about 300 years ago: August the Strong then ordered his master builder Pöppelmann to expand the manor of Pillnitz and create a castle complex that would suit August’s lavish celebrations. Now, on the last weekend in June, the […]

Tips for the upcoming week
(26 June – 2 July 2015)

Friday, 26 June – Sunday, 28 June 2015: Elbhangfest The Dresden Elbhangfest is definitely worth a visit! Three days of strolling through beautiful villages at the waterfront… with music, wine, good food & cake, theatre, sports, etc. It is one of Dresden’s highlights of the year. Every year, during the last weekend in June, the area between Loschwitz bridge and Pillnitz Castle & Grounds turns into a huge fairground. Over 200 events take place in a seven-kilometer long stretch running through five communities along the Elbe river and its hillsides, in village squares, parks and villas, on the meadows along […]

CRUSH! CRUSH! CRUSH! – International researchers compete in dragon boat cup

Last Saturday a dragon boat crewed with international researchers departed for their one and only training session. Most of them were sitting in such a boat for the first time of their lives. But nevertheless, they are eager to win the Nachwuchs-Pokal (“new talents’s cup”) in the dragon boat race on Sunday 28 June. The boat with the characteristic name “The Scientific Crushers” needs your help now! We are looking for fans and groupies to cheer us on while we are wearing ourselves out to win the race! Researchers from Vietnam, the Czech Republic, the United States, Estonia, Russia, India, […]

Invitation to Walpurgis Night 30 April & Call for participation in the TUD Welcome Center dragon boat team 27/28 June

We want you: TUD Welcome Center dragon boat team 2015  The summer is not far now and this year, the TUD Welcome Center staff surprises you with a special event. We will provide a team for the annual Dragon Boat Race on the last weekend of June, 27 to 28 June 2015. This race is a fun group exercise for up to 19 people who will canoe together in a long boat. Two weeks before the official race we will have a training session on the weekend 13 to 14 June (times to be announced after team registration).  The participation fee […]