Tips for the upcoming week
12 – 18 January 2017

  Thursday, 12 January: The Snow Queen (theater) The Snow Queen is one of the most famous tales by Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author. It is a story about Gerda and Kay two friends who mean a lot to each other. One day Kay disappears and Gerda sets out to a wonderful but sometimes also dangerous journey through a magical winter world. She meets a prince and a princess, a speaking crow and a reindeer. With their help and the power of love she can save Kay from the Snow Queen. A play for the whole family! Beginning: 6 […]


Thursday, 5 January: Blue Note Open Mic Night (Jazz Impro) Every first Thursday of the month great musicians play great songs, accompanied by a great entertainer as moderator. For singers, friends of good music and people who just like to celebrate. And if you want to be on stage yourself, check the website and maybe next month people will cheer you up! Beginning: 9 p.m.; Admission: free; How to get there: Blue Note Dresden, Görlitzer Straße 2b, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 13 ‘Görlitzer Straße’ stop. More information:   Friday, 6 January: Love & Friendship (movie) Jane Austen’s books are always […]


We checked some free-time activities of Dresden for you to present some ideas on how to spend the time between the years.   Ice-Skating You can go Ice skating in Dresden’s Ice stadium Energieverbund Arena. There you can also rent ice skates for €4. Admission: €3,50 ( students: €2,50)Opening hours: click here for the next days ; How to get there: Energieverbund Arena, Magdeburger Str. 10, 01167 Dresden, TRAM 6,11 ‘Kongresszentrum’ stop. Find more information here (available only in German): If you want a more romantic experience go and explore the inner square of the Hotel Taschenbergpalais. It […]

Tips for the upcoming week
15 – 21 December 2016

Wednesday, 15 December: Swim and/or Sauna (sport and fun) Getting tired of the cold weather and missing the summer atmosphere?  Here is a good tip for your upcoming week: Indoor Swimming pool and Sauna! Dresden has many indoor swimming pools, suitable for both, adults and children alike. In the link below you will find other options  but here is an example for a refreshing Wednesday evening/night: get your bathing suit and pack for 2 hours of relaxation in the swimming pool for 4 EUR in the Nordbad. Enjoy! Beginning: from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Admission: up to 3 EUR. […]

Tips for the upcoming week (17 November – 23 November 2016)

Thursday, 17 November: Paterson (Film) Interested in a quirky, lighthearted film? Come and watch the story of Paterson, a small town American bus driver with big ambitions to be a poet. Watch him and his wife attempt their lofty but inspiring dreams as residents of a quiet but particular New Jersey neighborhood. The cult film director Jim Jarmush expertly directs this subtle but profound film, and rising star Adam Driver shines in his portrayal of titular Paterson. Beginning: 8 p.m.; Admission: 6€; How to get there: Thalia Kino, Görlitzer Strasse 6, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 13, “Görlitzer Straße” stop. More Information: […]

Tips for the upcoming week (10 November – 16 November 2016)

Thursday, November 10 2016: Don Quixote (Ballet) The tale of travelling to faraway places in search of adventure is a tale as old as time, however no such story is as famous or as important as the story of Don Quixote: In which an eccentric young nobleman seeks to live the life of an adventurous, chivalrous knight in a world that has since moved on from such medieval pursuits. Wonderfully retold through music and choreography, “Don Quixote” is now presented through ballet, in a show you certainly do not want to miss. Beginning: 7:00pm; Admission: From 18€; How to get […]


Thursday, 27 October 2016: We Love Arabs (Dance Exhibition) Interested in seeing an artistic and interesting dance performance? Take part in the Jüdische Woche festival here in Dresden and watch the Israeli and Palestinian dancers Hillel Kogan and Adi Boutrous perform their expressive duet “We love Arabs”. Hille Kogan is not just a dancer, but a stand-up comedian who is well aware of politics. He has a talent for the right timing and improvisation on stage, and will surely leave you stunned. “We Love Arabs” is a parody ripe with sharp humor and wit, and will keep you dazzled from […]

(20 – 26 OCTOBER 2016)

Thursday, 20 October 2016: The Good City (exhibition) Sustainability is the big topic of the Umundu Festival in Dresden. In the context of this festival you can visit an interesting exhibition in the traffic museum. The Good City is about the challenges Kopenhagen is facing as a bicycle city. Air pollution, noise and traffic jams are a problem for the Danish capital as well as for every other big city. So the administration wants to bring half of the inhabitants on a bicycle. But the development stopped. The exhibition shows ideas to support the bicycle traffic in the future and […]

Tips for the upcoming week
(13 – 19 OCTOBER 2016)

Thursday, 13 October 2016: Pink Floyd – The Wall (planetarium show) The British rock band Pink Floyd was founded in the middle of the sixties. In 1979 their perhaps biggest album came out: The Wall. It is telling the story of a young man who loses himself in drugs and alcohol after the death of his father and due to the oppressive love of his mother. He builds up an imaginary wall around himself to be protected of further pain. But that also leads to social isolation. The story evolves during the 66 minutes of the album and you can […]


Hint at the side: If you know about researchers who just came to Dresden Thursday, 6 October 2016: Closet Monster (film) The KiF (cinema in the factory) presents a very special film to you. Closet Monster is an award-winning film about Oscar, a young creative boy with one problem: he is living in the province of Newfoundland together with his odd dad. As a child he learned how dangerous it is in his small town to be gay. Accompanied by a great soundtrack, the film tells the story of Oscars coming out and lets everybody hope for a happy end. […]