Immersing into the world of modern art – Weekend trip to Kassel

  It’s raining cats and dogs. This is maybe the best description for the steady rain which happened to follow us throughout the whole trip in Kassel.  Even if “the rain could have been even stronger” – quoting one participant obviously always seeing half of the glass full and not empty – the weather was giving us a hard to time to follow the plans we had for our “summer trip” to Kassel last weekend. But since we are already in the mood of sayings: “We are not made out of sugar” and enjoyed our days regardless. Maybe it was […]


Our trip to Thuringia started very early and unfortunately it was also pretty cold, but luckily for us the bus quickly arrived and we were able to warm ourselves up inside. While driving we admired the beautiful landscape full of hoarfrost glittering in the sun. As we arrived in Rudolstadt, a small city in Thuringia, we enjoyed a unique view about the city only disturbed by some strange rock music. It was from a big run that took place in the city as we would find out later. For us it was time to discover the impressive baroque rooms inside […]

The city of chocolate and salt – International researchers on a trip to Halle

Did you know that the Germany´s oldest chocolate factory is not too far away from here? Last weekend a group of international researchers went for an excursion to the city Halle (at the river Saale), located near Leipzig in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. The train ride already was sweetened up by some special ‘Halloren’ chocolate. During a guided tour we got to know appealing facts about the city and its people. Halle’s early history is closely connected with the harvest of salt. The name Halle is meant to be given by an early Celtic settlement whereas ‘halen’ is the […]

Trip to Torgau last weekend

Our third excursion within the DAAD program for PhD in 2014 led us to a small city in the north of Saxony: Torgau (March 22nd/23rd).     We reached Torgau by train. At first our guide Herbert, a 79-year-old former English teacher, showed us the town. He really enjoyed having so many internationals around. While walking through Torgau we learnt that the city played an important role in the reformation. Martin Luther opened the first protestant church of Germany here and has been in Torgau about 40 times. Herbert also showed us the beautiful old major house which was built […]