The SemperOperaball
– the most beautiful night of the year

Dresden dancing couples swing to the rhythm of the night. (Foto:© Frank Exß(DML BY))

In the end of January or the beginning of February every year, the Semper Opera turns into the setting of one of the most prestigious and important European ballroom events.

To hold a ball in the Dresden opera house has a long tradition. Already from 1925 until 1939, the Semper Opera was host of such glorious events, even though back then, you could also hear Jazz being played – along with the traditional classic music and Waltz. After the war, there had been plans to re-establish the ball, however the huge demolitions and the government made the undertaking impossible.

Since 2006, when the tradition finally was re-established, more than 2,500 guests enjoy the festivities in the newly renovated and glamorous location per year. Traditionally, the programme includes a 10-minute dancing performance of more than 80 debutante couples swinging in three-quarter time. This and many artists and musicians create a fascinating show for the audience, which is also attracting the millions of TV viewers at home all over Europe.

As such an event always attracts the rich and beautiful, the organisers hold a Charity fund-raising tombola. Last year, they collected more than €22,000 for the German Red Cross.
Additionally to the tombola, the Medal of St. George is presented to reward outstanding individuals who have taken a stand for good in the world – just like St. George himself. Recipients have been so far Naomi Campbell, H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden, José Manuel Barroso, and many more.

As the tickets for the event are enormously expensive, the Dresden people have been quite inventive. Since the first event back in 2006, all interested Dresden dancing couples come and dance to the music transported from inside on the Theaterplatz in front of the opera house. This so-called SemperOperaOpenAirBall attracts many thousands of people each year. So if you want to dance, get yourself some warm clothes and a partner and join the crowd in this magical night.

The next SemperOperaBall takes place on Friday, 03. February 2017. For more information check out the official website.

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