Tips for the upcoming week
(13 – 19 July 2017)

Schloss Eckberg in the evening sun. (Photo: Christoph Münch)

Thursday, 13 July 2017:  Live Scoring of Silent movies

This Thursday, if the weather is not ruining it, there will be the open air festival ‘Umsonst und draußen ( for free/senseless and outside) happen. On their opening evening, they prepared something really nice: the live scoring of 2 movies. One will be ‘the discovery of slowness’ and the other one will be the ‘magical misery tour’. So don’t miss it ad enjoy your evening.
Beginning: 9 p.m; Admission: free; How to get there: Umsonst und draußen festival, left behind the Freie Alternative Schule,  Stauffenbergallee 4, 01099 Dresden, BUS 64, 74 ‘Landesdirektion Sachsen’ stop.

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Friday, 14 July 2017: Glowing (improvisations in concert)

It’s the third event in the row called Nachtmusik. At the Dresden Martin Luther Kirche at Neustadt, you can listen to music in the church in the beginning of the night. The Musicians will improvise and so it will be a unique experience. Afterwards, you are invited to visit the tower and have a marvellous view over the Neustadt and the rest of Dresden. There is even a café serving you drinks upstairs. So don’t miss the opportunity and visit the Maritn-Luther-Kirche at night.
Beginning: 9:30 p.m; Admission: free, but a donation is highly welcomed; How to get there: Martin Luther Kirche, Martin-Luther-Platz 5, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 11 ‚Pulsnitzer Straße’ stop.

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Saturday and Sunday, 15 and 16 July 2017: The white act (performance)

This 10 minute performance is a fusion of dance, wind, movement and object art. The connecting element is a changing object which is moved by the dancer in an ever-changing shape. This creates a dance full of varying accents and hypnotic silence, which transforms the space in a place of calmness and peace.
Beginning: Saturday 4 -9 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. the first 10 minutes of every hour; Admission: free; How to get there: Martin Luther statue in front of Frauenkirche Dresden,     Neumarkt, 01067 Dresden; TRAM 1,2,4 ‘Altmarkt‘ stop

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 Saturday, 15 July 2017: Dresdner Castle Night at the Elbe Palaces

 Also in 2017, the 3 Castles on the Elbe slopes invite you to enjoy a magical night with great food and Saxon wines at this open air culture event. With music to dance, rock and dream, people in a great mood, and castles covered in magical light this night is something, you won’t forget easily. The event takes place on the parks of Schloss Eckberg, Albrechtsberg and Lingerschloss and the Saloppe.
Beginning: 5 p.m.; Admission: €45 – only cash payment possible; How to get there: Saloppe Dresden, Brockhausstraße 1, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 11 ‘Elbschlösser’ stop.

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Sunday, 16 July 2017: Juicy Sunday Open air at ‘Filmnächte’ area

Only Friday and Saturday night are good for dancing? Why not try it on a Sunday afternoon for a change? Saxony’s most popular urban music party again takes place in front of the beautiful panorama of Dresden’s old town  on a (hopefully) sunny Sunday afternoon. Only for this very occasion, the meadow next to the huge screen at ‘Filmnächte am Elbufer’ will be turned into an outdoor dancing area.
Beginning: 2 p.m.; Admission: free; How to get there: Filmnächte am Elbufer, Königsufer, 01097 Dresden; TRAM 3,7,8 ‘Carolaplatz’ stop or TRAM 4,8,9 ‘Neustädter Markt’ stop.
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Monday, 17 July 2017: Sneak preview (movie in original version)

Each Monday, the cinema ‘UFA Kristallpalast’ presents a new movie in English. In the so called ‘Sneak Preview’ you never know what movie you’ll see. It could be a romantic comedy or a thriller – or something completely different. Part of the excitement is not knowing which genre awaits you but the best thing about the ‘Sneak Preview’ is that you’ll watch a movie before its official release date.
Beginning: 9 p.m.; Admission: €4,50; How to get there: UFA-Kristallpalast Dresden,St. Petersburger Str. 24a, 01069 Dresden; TRAM 3,7,8,9,11 ‘Walpurgisstraße’ stop.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017: Christ Choir from Uganda (choir concert)

Enjoy the soulfulness of East-Africans for one evening in the Church of Loschwitz. Beside the African sounds, you will feel their high spirituality. The choir is in Germany, as afterwards it will participate in the international choir festival in Leipzig and afterwards go on a tour through Germany and Europe.
Beginning: 9 p.m. Admission: free, but a donation is highly welcomed; How to get there: Loschwitzer Kirche, Pilnitzer Landstraße 7, 01326 Dresden; BUS 61, 63, 84, 309 ‚Körnerplatz’ stop.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017: International Organ week(organ concert)

This Wednesday, as part of the International Dresden Organ week, you can welcome Jean-Batiste Monnot from Rouen in the Dresden Frauenkirche. He will play various masterpieces from Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Franz Liszt. To enjoy this magical music on this holy instrument, just go to the Frauenkirche this Wednesday.
Beginning: 8 p.m.; Admission: €8; How to get there: Frauenkirche Dresden, Neumarkt, 01067 Dresden; TRAM 1,2,4 ‘Altmarkt‘ stop.

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