Tips for the upcoming week
(24 – 30 August 2017)

We do have a new volunteering photographer, thanks for this wonderful picture, A. ul Islam!

Thursday, 24 August 2017: Piano Night with Sarah Ferri

Sarah Ferri is one of the biggest new comers of the Beglian music scene. She cmbines perfectly the different genres of Gypsi – pop, folk and swing. She is from the flamish part of Belgium but her father is Italian. So she knows how to combine different routes already from home. Her big idols are film musicians and so, her music as classy as if it comes straight from a big old Hollywood movie.
Beginning: 8:30 p.m; Admission: free, but you are always welcome to give a donation; How to get there: Palaissommer, Japanisches Palais, Palaisplatz 1, 01097 Dresden; TRAM 4,9 ‘Palaisplatz’ stop.

More information:


Friday, 25 August 2017: Hechtfest (city quarter festival)

If you remember the big festivity of BRN this June in Neustadt, this is quite similar. At the Hecht fest, also all the great and colourful people come outside and enjoy music and the night together. But it is less crowded and less hectic. All in all, it fits the mood of an late august weekend with lots of sun and friends. The event not only offers food, drinks and music, but the program is loaded with activities throughout the day and also for families with small children.
Beginning: Friday from 6 p.m. onwards, Saturday and Sunday from 12 a.m. until late evening; Admission: free; How to get there: It will be al over the Hechtviertel, next to the S-Bahn station ‘Bischofsweg’.

Find the program here: (in German only)


Saturday, 26 August 2017: Day of the Open Vineyard Saxony

Did you know that the vineyards in Saxony around Dresden form the most northern wine-growing area in Germany? To celebrate its uniqueness and the beginning of the grape harvesting, all vineyards and vintners in the region open their doors and show you their cellars and tell you curiosities about their wines. So enjoy a day with your friends in the lovely neighbourhood of Dresden and have a funny and joyful wine tour.
Beginning:  depends on the vineyard; Admission: €5, including a voucher for a glass of wine; How to get there: check out the flyer attached for the shuttle bus or take the S-Bahn to Meißen or Radebeul.

More information: (only in German)


Sunday, 27 August 2017: Dwarf- Fairy Tale-Festival (event for the whole family)

For all our small friends, we have tip this weekend that is worth a try. The actress and very active story teller Regina Felber is transforming the area of the Saloppe into a magic forest. Old and young can discover their favorite character from the world of the brothers Grimm. So what are you waiting for? Pack your glass slippers and follow the dwarfs over the seven hills to enjoy an enchanted afternoon.
Time: 3-6 p.m.; Admission: adults – €6, children until 14 years – €3, family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) – €14; How to get there: Saloppe Dresden, Brockhausstraße 1, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 11 ‘Elbschlösser’ stop.
More information:


Monday, 28 August 2017: Piano Night with Lilly among clouds

Lilly from Würzburg sits at the piano and composes great pop songs. Her music is enchanting, but real and definitely give you goose bumps. The night will be warm and the atmosphere is amazing, so there is no better way of closing the Palaissommer then with such a concert.
Beginning: 8 p.m.; Admission: free, but they are always happy about donations; How to get there: Palaissommer, Japanisches Palais, Palaisplatz 1, 01097 Dresden; TRAM 4,9 ‘Palaisplatz’ stop.

More information:


Sneak preview (movie in original version)

Each Tuesday, the cinema ‘Cineplex Rundkino‘ presents a new movie in English. In the so called ‘Sneak Preview’ you never know what movie you’ll see. It could be a romantic comedy or a thriller – or something completely different. Part of the excitement is not knowing which genre awaits you but the best thing about the ‘Sneak Preview’ is that you’ll watch a movie before its official release date.
Beginning: 8 p.m. Admission: €5; How to get there: Rundkino Dresden, Prager Straße 6, 01069 Dresden; TRAM 3,7,8,9,11 ‘Walpurgisstraße’ stop.

More information:


Wednesday, 30 August 2017: La traviata (opera)

The Parisian courtesan Violetta Valery loves to throw glittering parties at which she is the centre of attention. Making light of a deadly illness, she wishes to show no weakness as this would lead to social estrangement. She meets Alfredo, who falls in love with her. The couple move to the country to begin a new life together. However, Alfredo’s father Giorgio demands that Violetta renounce his son in order to save the family’s reputation. She returns to Paris, leaving Alfredo a farewell letter. Following her, they meet at a ball where Violetta is accompanied by a former lover. Using money, he has made from gambling, Alfredo publicly insults Violetta. He only later learns from his father the true reason for the sudden separation. Seeking his beloved, Alfredo finds a woman in the final throes of death.
Beginning: 7 p.m.; Admission: €27 – €95, but if you bring your student-ID card and show up at the box office 30 minutes before the event, they sell you left over tickets for €10; How to get there: Semperoper Dresden, Theaterplatz 2, 01067 Dresden; TRAM 4,8,9 ‘Theaterplatz’ stop.

More information:

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