Tips for the upcoming week
(25 – 31 May 2017)

That seems to be relaxing: student having a lunch break and relaxing during a warm spring day. (Photo: C. Reichert)

Thursday, 25 May 2017: International Blues- and Rock Festival Altenzella  – Bank Holiday – Stay out of labs :)

The Altzella Blues and Rock Festival is Germany’s most comfortable, most relaxing and most authentic blues festival. It’s an event you shouldn’t miss by any means. The venue is located amidst the remains of the ancient monastery “Altzella” and on the grounds around the old walls. While relaxing under the blue sky or snug in their festival tent, you can listen to the sounds of good old Delta Blues as well as to more modern sounds. They definitely have a great line-up AND, what’s best, admission is free!
Beginning: Thursday, 10 a.m./ Friday 4 p.m.; Admission: free; How to get there: Klosterpark Altzella, Zellaer Straße 10, 01683 Nossen; regional BUS 424 to ‘Zella, Waldheimer Straße’ + 5 min walk or TRAIN to Nossen + 25 min walk or alternatively by CAR via A4 exit 75 ’Siebenlehn’.

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Friday, 26 May 2017: Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company (dancing performance)

For Extinction of a Minor Species, Jacopo Godani creates an ‘environment of actions’ in which the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and its artistic director and choreographer explore the boundary conditions for existence in this reality.
Beginning: 8 p.m; Admission: €21/€11, if you bring your student-ID card; How to get there: Hellerau – European Centre of the Arts Dresden, Karl-Liebknecht-Str.56, 01109 Dresden, TRAM 8 ‘Festspielhaus Hellerau‘ stop.

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Second tip for Friday 26 May: “The Importance of Being Ernest” (premiere, theatre play in English at Theaterhaus Rudi)

“My ideal has always been to love someone of the name of Earnest” But what if your name is not Earnest? Will she still love you? And, this being Britain at the end of the 19th century, will her aristocratic mother even consider you as a suitable son-in-law? These are the problems that Jack Worthing has to solve before achieving happiness with the girl of his dreams. First produced in 1895, The Importance of Being Earnest is a comedy of manners that satirises the British aristocracy. The wit and brilliance of the dialogues has made the play famous throughout the world, and the absurdity of the situations have kept audiences entertained over more than a hundred years.

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Saturday, 27 May 2017: SambaNight by DuBras (Brazilian dance music)

As their gig was cancelled during the Brazilian Nights, the band decided to play another concert for their fans and friends. Those three musicians with routes in Brazil bring true Brazilian music to Dresden. And the best is, you can dance all night long.
Beginning: 10 p.m; Admission: €5; How to get there: Atelier Schwartz, Förstereistraße 3, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 7,8 ‘Louisenstraße’ stop.

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Sunday, 28 May 2017: Snow-white and the seven dwarfs  (theatre play for the whole family)

A beautiful and kind girl called Snow White is abandoned by her evil stepmother and seeks shelter in the house of seven dwarfs. She could have lived happily ever after, but her evil step mother can’t stand how beautiful Snow White is and attempts to kill her. A prince from another kingdom has also heard about the beauty of the girl and comes to rescue her…. This tales by the Brothers Grimm is deeply enrooted in German culture and every child knows it by heart. So it’s stage adaption is definitely worth a visit with the whole family.
Beginning: 11 a.m./3 p.m.; Admission: €5/ €3,5 for children; How to get there: Theaterhaus Rudi, Fechnerstraße 2a, 01139 Dresden; TRAM 4 or BUS 70,80 ‘Rankestraße’ stop.

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Sunday, 28 May 2017: Othello (opera)

Against a backdrop of military confrontation, an emotional drama unfolds that ends up driving the successful general Otello mad. The victim of Jago, in whose devious plots he becomes ensnared, Otello murders his beloved wife before killing himself. Verdi’s drama lirico thrillingly retells Shakespeare’s play with a devastating score that propels the protagonists to their downfall.
Beginning: 7 p.m.; Admission: €45- €114, but if you bring your student-ID and be there half an hour before the show starts, you can get a left over ticket for only €10; How to get there: Semperoper Dresden, Theaterplatz 2, 01067 Dresden; TRAM 4,8,9 ‘Theaterplatz’ stop.

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Monday, 29 May 2017: Jazzfantastics (Jazz performance)

Have a look at the Neustadt on a Monday evening and enjoy a drink at Scheune while listening to the Jazzfanatics, who play there regularly every Monday evening. For more than 10 years the Jazzfanatics have existed and they work really hard not to care one bit about “standards” and try to extend our understanding gig by gig. Enjoy some Bebop, Hardbop, Fusion and Funk Jazz and tunes which you may not be able to fit into a genre.
Beginning: 9 p.m; Admission: €0; How to get there: Scheune Dresden; Alaunstraße 36-40, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 3,6,11 ‘Albertplatz’ stop, TRAM 7,8 ‘Louisenstraße’ stop, TRAM 13 ‘Görlitzer Straße (Nordbad)’ stop.

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017: Mystic Braves (psychedelic rock concert)

Exploring the psychedelic elements of the universe, the 60’s revival band Mystic Braves take us on a retro journey filled with dreamy west coast vibes and sun drenched surf rock. Based in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, members Cameron Gartung (drums), Tony Malacara (bass, vocals), Julian Ducatenzieler (guitar, vocals), Ignacio Gonzalez (organ), and Shane Stots (guitar, vocals) have gained popularity by opening for the Zombies and having their single “Bright Blue Day Haze” set to the Yves Saint Laurent Summer 2015 fashion show.
Beginning: 8 p.m.; Admission: €5; How to get there: Ostpol, Königsbrücker Straße 47, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 7,8,13 ‘Bischofsweg’ stop.

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017: Short Attacks  (short film festival)

Pensioners Rock’n’Roll – that’s the theme of tonight’s short film festival. You can witness their joy for dancing or how they create new (knitting) things. Those pensioners are yearning for a new partner or struggle with memory gaps. One of them is enrooted with a secret mission and the other one had some trouble when he was a youngster. What the films will teach you, is that old people are oddly charming but never as innocent as you might think ;)
Beginning: 9 p.m.; Admission: €7/ €6, if you bring your student-ID card; How to get there: Programmkino Ost, Schandauer Straße 63, 01277 Dresden; TRAM 4 ‘Altenberger Straße‘ stop.

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