TU Dresden Welcome Center on a training in Tartu

European expertise (photo: Andres Tennus/Tartu Ülikool)
European expertise (photo: Andres Tennus/Tartu Ülikool)

Last week we, i.e. Maike & Claudia, went to Estonia, invited by the Utrecht Network universities to join the training “Facilitating Researcher Mobility: Quality Services and a Welcoming Culture” at the University of Tartu from 5-7 May, 2015. Within three days we received professional input from colleagues from the University of Tartu as well as from universities of Copenhagen, Bochum and Helsinki. According to our common topics we attended a variety of workshops: “Managing expectations – Interculturalism at Work”, “Insider Views on Service Success Stories” and “The Must Have Services for Incoming Researchers”. When you look at the photos at the bottom you see that we worked quite practically, also on new projects for you, guys. You know how workshops and conferences are… the best ideas come up when talking to people while having a coffee. We are very thankful for all these fruitful conversations with our colleagues from Europe.

Estonia is a beautiful country and Tartu the second biggest town with less than 100.000 inhabitants. So small, but so advanced in many things. “e-Estonia” is a term that is used to describe Estonia’s emergence as one of the most advanced e-societies in the world, and it is so true! We were thrilled to find modern means of communication and documentation all over the place efficiently used in teaching, and of course free city wifi in the town and perfectly working technology in all classes.

We thank the Utrecht network very much for the invitation and specially to Mr. Raivo Falk from the University of Tartu who helped us organize and prepared such a warm welcome! We will be happy to invite our colleagues to Dresden one day.

(C. Reichert)


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