Visa and Entry

General information

Before first entering Germany, most Non-EU citizens will need to apply for a visa, while EU citizens can enter on their national ID card. Don’t leave your visa application too late and make sure you apply for the correct type of visa from the very start, if you are planning to stay for longer than 3 months.

Note that as a researcher – whether employed, on a scholarship or on your own expense – your occupation is considered employment (i.e. work requiring a work permit), unless you meet certain criteria. Not all types of visa include a work permit. Even if you can enter without visa in principle, you do not automatically hold a work permit, but must either apply for a visa with a work permit before you enter Germany or apply for a work permit immediately upon arrival, before you may legally start your research work at the Dresden host institution.

For the essential information on this topic for incoming researchers, such as…

  • who needs a visa (and who doesn’t)
  • which type of visa (not) to apply for

please read the corresponding section of our Welcome Guide carefully first.

Whom to contact

Foreign Office /Auswärtiges Amt

The German authority responsible for all visa questions is the Federal Foreign Office.

For general information about German entry regulations, procedures and fees, visit Federal Foreign Office (visa regulations)
To apply for your German visa and inquire about the status of your visa application, find the nearest embassy or consulate in your current country of residence, their specific visa requirements, documents and contact information in the list of countries.