Excursion to the memorial “Gedenkstätte Bautzner Straße”

There’s almost no corner in Dresden where you wouldn’t stumble over an astonishing piece of history. On our tour last Saturday we went a little off the beaten track and visited the memorial “Gedenkstätte Bautzner Straße”, a prison of the “Staatsicherheit”, the official state security service during the former GDR era. It was used to imprison political opponents who criticized the system and was repurposed into a memorial space to inform people about the happenings.

Our guide, a time witness was able to give us a deep insight into the prisoners daily life and didn’t spare any details about the process they had to undergo: beginning with the transport in small vans from their place of arrest to the isolation cells in which they had to stay for up to seven month without any chance to get in touch with the outside world, their families or even a lawyer.

We were shown the remand prison as well as the soviet underground prison and learned about different people who were deported from this place to the Detention Camps and even died fighting for their beliefs.

Summarizing, the memorial “Bautzner Straße Dresden” is definitely worth a visit. To play a trip visit  http://www.bautzner-strasse-dresden.de/ for more information.

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