Wandering through Magic City

Looking at art from a different perspective.
Looking at art from a different perspective (Photo: S. Blackert).

“You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours.” – Italo Calvino

Weather gets colder every day, jackets thicker. So we decided not to torture you ones more with an excursion outside in the cold and went to discover the most extraordinary exhibition in town at the moment. Magic City is an artistic place built up in the industrial area and gave us the chance to see Street Art in all its aspects.

Our guide, clearly one of the more original characters living in the area “Neustadt”, showed us not only Street Art as a protest against society over the decades but also how you can use it to create magical moments and three-dimensional pictures. Every wall told its own story, if it was a wakeup call showing the destruction of Syria or a Homage to different Disney Characters.

After the city trip (unfortunately it was forbidden to ride the knitted carousel at the market square), time had come to discover slumbering street art talents in our group. For one hour we all worked hard on our first personal tag, with more or less impressing results. There is always the possibility that for one of us it could be the start for a totally new career next to research?

For everybody who missed the chance to join us: The exhibition will be open till 8th of January if you want to see an art museum which marches to a different drummer.



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