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20 September – 27 September 2019



For all who keep up with our blog, you will notice that What’s On in Dresden might appear a little different than usual this week… we are re-launching our weekly tips for each upcoming week with a new format which will hopefully give all of our readers access to even more events taking place in Dresden throughout the week and at the same time let you all know what the main highlights for the week are.
Throughout the past years, it has become clear that certain venues offer cultural events on a regular basis. Those who read our blog for a bit longer will be familiar with the Montagscafé, which takes place every Monday, or the afterwork parties at the Saloppe on Tuesdays and at the Carolaschlösschen on Thursdays. In the future, we will only write descriptions for events we consider to be true highlights taking place in our city while recurring events will always only be linked on a short list. Of course, we are open for all comments and improvement suggestions so feel free to contact us if you would like to share your opinions on our new format for What’s On in Dresden!



This weekend will be all about climate and future:
// Start this Friday with the Third Global Climate Strike. People all over the world will take it to the streets and speak out for compliance with the Paris Agreement, against the ongoing destruction of the climate and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. While the Climate Cabinet is meeting in Berlin and one of the most important UN summits of the year is being prepared in New York, we want to make September 20th the biggest global climate strike of all time. The climate crisis is a global crisis, and it can only be solved with global solidarity! This call is addressed to every generation – to colleagues, employees and employers, to parents and neighbours, to students of all ages, teachers and scientists, to sportspeople and jobseekers, to creative people and trainees – to everyone!

In Dresden demonstrations will start at 11.55 a.m. at two different locations: the Alaun Park and the Hauptbahnhof (main railway station). These two are expected to meet at 1.30 p.m. at Strassburgerplatz and then proceed together to the Theaterplatz.
Why 11.55? In German we have a saying “Es ist 5 vor 12” – it is five to twelve, basically meaning, it is almost too late or it is last minute to take action now.
Our house is on fire — let’s act like it. Climate justice is demanded for everyone.

Find more information here (German): https://fffdd.de/alle/ and on Facebook
See you there!


// On Sunday it continues with the Car-Free day at the Terrassenufer, which is the closing event of the European Mobility Week. The Terrassenufer is closed for cars on 22 September from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. between the Carola and Augustus bridges.
There you have the possibility to test different kinds of cargo wheels and E-Scooters, build your own solar mobile or repair your bike at a pop-up self-helping workshop. Or you can pedal and produce power to watch short films, run model railroads or a smoothie mixer. There is much to discover for young and old.


// At the same time the 22. September is also the beginning of the 29. Intercultural Days in Dresden. Until 13. October there will be many events under the theme “Living together. Growing together.” A varied programme with over 150 events, including concerts, lectures, craft and reading afternoons for children and families, exhibitions, film screenings and much more. Here are some highlights, we picked from the programme:

// Monday (23.09), 4-6 p.m.: Batic fabric design
Batik covers a large number of dyeing techniques from Asian countries. This event presents different batik techniques and offers a chance to design your own fabrics.

// Wednesday (25.09), 3.30-7.30 p.m.: The taste of Latin America
Cooking together with exotic vegetables, making fruity desserts. An evening that encourages people to meet up and find out more about one another.

// Thursday (26.09), 8 p.m.: The Political Special
These are turbulent times: Trump, Brexit, the rise of populism. Is there anything to laugh about? Well, quite a lot actually, as this play shows. Performance in English.

Most events are free or for a small admission and many require registration via email, beforehand. So make sure you get a spot in the workshop or event, that you find most interesting.

Here is the link to the complete programs in various languages: https://www.dresden.de/de/leben/gesellschaft/migration/aktuelles/interkulturelle-tage/programm-interkulturelle-tage.php



Tips for the musicious weekend:

After doing your part for the environment while on the streets, you may satisfy your social as well as cultural needs at this weekend’s Drum & Bass Festival  throughout the Neustadt and during the closing days of Hellerau’s Bauhaus-inspired festival “Appia Stage Reloaded”.


// Dresden’s 13th Drum & Bass Festival

This musical style characterized by its fast breakbeats and heavy bass may have first originated in the United Kingdom in the 90’s but in many clubs around the world, it is still going strong. As a stronghold for electronic music worldwide, Drum & Bass enjoys widespread popularity in Germany, something made clear by the fact that Dresden’s festival celebrating this musical style reaches its 13th edition this year. For all lovers of electronic music out there, do not miss this festival which takes place in venues throughout the Neustadt and includes a few open-air performances as well. To participate, you must purchase a day or festival pass, with prices ranging from 20 to 40 euros, all of which are purchasable on the event website.


// Appia Stage Reloaded

It might sound crazy to realize that Adolphe Appia and Alexander von Salzmann designed the very much contemporary and avant-garde Appia stage as far back as 1912/13. This new stage for the 20th century was a precursor for what soon came to be known as the now famous Bauhaus movement. Bauhaus may have celebrated its 100th-year anniversary this year but still today it is seen as the most influential modernist art school of the last century. For lovers of the style it is a shame to know that the Appia Reloaded Festival in Hellerau reaches its end this weekend, so be sure to check out the Hellerau website and see if you can make it to the “Geometric Ballet” performance on Friday or Saturday or to the light show celebrating the Appia stage “Blaue Stunde”, which will be on show one last time on Saturday!



Recurring Events:

Montagscafé: https://www.staatsschauspiel-dresden.de/spielplan/a-z/montagscafe/
Blue Note (regular concerts, most free, mainly jazz): https://www.jazzdepartment.com/events




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