What’s On in Dresden 14 June – 20 June

Sculpture ‘Völkerfreundschaft’ (‘Friendship among the peoples’) by Wolf-Eike Kuntsche on Prager Straße. (Photo: L. Mendes)

Friday, 14 June: Dresden’s Long Science Night

This Friday, Dresden shows off all its most interesting and exciting scientific research areas and advancements. On this night, you have the chance to investigate what happens throughout the many different institutes in the city learning about what research is currently underway. If you yourself are not giving a presentation to visitors, then do not miss the opportunity to explore different scientific institutes, where thousands of scientists will be ready to answer questions, give presentations as well as guide visitors through lab tours. The entire program includes nearly 700 attractions, with over 100 of them held in English and most of them set up interactively, so that anyone can experiment, test and examine over the course of the night. Families with smaller children are also more than welcome to take part, as over 200 items on the program are kid-friendly and may be discovered by people of all ages. To get from one station to the next, all visitors will be allowed to take Dresden’s public transport for free during the time of the event, which will take place from 6 p.m. until 1 a.m.. Our special tip is to take a look at the Science Slam which will take place at the Technische Sammlungen. Students and researchers will be given the chance to present their research in 10 minute slots and are allowed to use any types of props. In the end, the audience will decide who was the best on stage!

Beginning: 6 p.m.; Admission: Free; How to get there: All over Dresden, begin at your nearest scientific institute!

More information: http://www.wissenschaftsnacht-dresden.de/english/

Science Slam: https://www.facebook.com/events/1220759974751777/

Saturday, 15 June: PPNews: Rumors

The PPNews puppets are back and this time their reporting will take place far in Dresden’s west, in the neighbourhood of Gorbitz. Their first performance, Gesichter, that is, Faces, was a true success and was performed smack in the middle of the Altstadt. Now the artists have moved towards the periphery for their new show, Gerüchte, or in English, Rumours. Will Vonovia really gild their buildings? Where is the German shepherd dog that was responsible for a biting attack on Merianplatz? Rumours are quite fun, they manage to bring people together and always have a spark of truth in them… right? The closeness created by rumour-spreading is the main theme to be explored by the PPNews in this piece. As you walk through the city’s streets with the newsreader Mika, dolls and figures will speak to you and report on the neighbourhood’s unexpected, the beautiful and also the overlooked aspects of life in the German suburbs. Be aware that the piece will most likely be performed in German but provides a good chance to practice for those who are not yet able to understand everything. Even if you happen not to understand much of what is said, just having a puppet news reporter guiding you through one of Dresden’s most populated neighbourhoods should already be an experience for itself! If you cannot make it on Saturday, you still have the chance to watch it throughout the week, check the link below for all available dates.

Beginning: 5 pm; Admission: 7 EUR; How to get there: Amalie-Dietrich-Platz, 01169 Dresden; TRAM 2, 7 ‘Amalie-Dietrich-Platz’ stop.

More information: https://www.hellerau.org/en/event/ppnews-geruechte/

Sunday, 16 June: Bunte Republik Neustadt 2019

Dresden´s most awaited street festival of the year has finally arrived! This weekend the Dresden Neustadt celebrates the micronation of the Neustadt, or at least the micronation which existed between 1990 and 1993. Even though this tiny country was never truly recognized, passports were printed, a constitution was written, a new flag was designed and even an anthem was written back in 1990 for the creation of the Bunte Republik Neustadt, or in English, the Colourful Republic of the Neustadt. After 1993 the Colourful Republic was reintegrated to be part of the city of Dresden but every year on the second weekend of June the neighbourhood celebrates the short existence of this micronation with a large street festival. People from all around Germany flood the street of Dresden´s young and lively neighbourhood to enjoy live music from several different stages, a few workshops, as well as delicious food either sold by the restaurants or street vendors. The event also relies on the participation of residents, who also help to decorate the streets and set up different attractions. This weekend come out and have a great time with friends at Dresden´s small Colourful Republic of the Neustadt!

Opening hours: From Friday at 4 p.m. until Sunday at 8 p.m.; Admission: Free; How to get there: Dresden Neustadt; TRAM 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 ‘Albertplatz’ stop.

Monday, 17 June: Band Summit Jazz/Rock/Pop 2019

Why not start your week with a concert full of good music played by Dresden’s most talented young musicians? Whether you’re a jazz, rock, or pop fan, the concert organized by Dresden’s Music Academy (Hochschule für Musik) will have music to cater to lovers of all of these three genres. Four formations will be on the stage of the Academy’s concert hall, including the professor Céline Rudolph’s Masterclass Ensemble. Rudolph took over herself the role as artistic manager for the concert which makes it even more impressive that she was able to also balance leading her band parallel to the organization of such a large event. Alongside the Masterclass Ensemble will also be the Latin Ensemble as well as the school’s Jazz Choir. Finally, the Free Improv Ensemble from Günter “Baby” Sommer will show off their talents on stage. New arrangements, adaptations and even acapella works await the audience for this wonderful concert which is sure to impress all of those present, don’t miss out!

Beginning: 7:30 pm; Admission: 8 EUR Regular, 6 EUR Reduced; How to get there: Concert Hall of Hochschule für Musik, Wettiner Platz 13, 01067 Dresden; TRAM 1, 2 or BUS 94 ‘Schweriner Straße’ stop.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1029063527296389/

Tuesday, 18 June: Cuisine For All

For this Tuesday, we’ve picked out an event which takes place on a weekly basis in the Neustadt but which is certainly one of the city’s most interesting offers. The Küche für Alle, that is, Cuisine for All, may at first seem like a social project aiming to help the poor but upon closer inspection, you might conclude it is also in some way a truly social activity. At 6 pm the group begins to cook and anyone in welcome to stop by and help out. If you would like to put your cooking skills to the test while also helping out and meeting new and interesting people, then feel free to already show up at 6, where you will surely be more than welcome. If you’re afraid your cooking skills might not be enough, don’t worry, the group will certainly need more people for tasks such as peeling potatoes and will be more than happy to have two extra hands helping them out. Once the food is ready, all then eat together at 7:30 pm. Having helped out with the cooking is not a requirement to eat so if you’d like to only come for the food, you may do so. The entire meal will cost you less that food in the university’s cafeteria, while at the same time the relaxed and quite alternative setting is a great place to meet people of all different backgrounds and perspectives. Try out something new and save some money on food while doing so, there are as good as no down sides to this event!

Beginning: 6 pm (cooking) or 7:30 pm (eating); Admission: Free, food for around 2,50 EUR; How to get there: Malobeo, Kamenzer Str. 38, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 13 ‘Alaunplatz’ stop.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1088687084637737/

Wednesday, 19 June: Stonefield (Concert)

“From practicing in their family shed as teenagers in rural Australia, to touring the world with Fleetwood Mac, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, King Tuff, and King Gizzard, it’s been a strange trip for the four Findlay sisters. As Stonefield, they’ve got three albums and thousands of miles under their belts, plus plenty of perspective on what it’s like to fight to make a place for themselves, and tell their own story. Written largely on the road in America earlier this year, the songs on BENT are filled with reference and reflection–the kind that comes from months spent far from home, living on four wheels. The surreal isolation of trudging through white-out snow and snaking down deserted highways served as the perfect backdrop for the band to look inward, taking stock of the journey they’ve taken thus far as musicians, and as people. “It’s a culmination of experiences, emotions, and stories collected over time,” explains lead singer and drummer Amy Findlay, “A growth of honest, raw, energy that has been burning within us and waiting for its moment.”” This short excerpt taken from the band’s website describes a bit of this talented Australian band heading to Dresden. Do not miss your chance to hear their new album played live, with songs inspired by listening to Black Sabbath, Beak, Deep Purple, The Alan Parsons Project, and Mike Oldfield.

Beginning: 9 pm, doors open at 8 pm; Admission: 13,20 EUR; How to get there: Ostpol, Königsbrücker Straße 47, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 7, 8, 13 ‘Bischofsweg’ stop.



Thursday, 20 June: After Work Yoga

Yoga is group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines belongs to one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy. Having originated in India, yoga has now gained widespread popularity worldwide, with courses being offered by as good as every gym as well as by specialized yoga studios spread throughout any major city. Its benefits have been known ever since antiquity and in the past decades have finally reached and gained acceptance in western cultures. Those who practice yoga enjoy increased flexibility, improved respiration and energy as well as a number of other benefits. Perhaps the most important benefit in today’s hectic society though is yoga’s power towards stress and anxiety reduction, both of which when untreated can have devastating effects on the body and mind. Join the yoga movement by coming out to this Thursday’s after-work yoga, open for participants at all levels at the theatre inside the Großer Garten. Although the instructions are given in German, it is not hard to follow along by watching, especially for those who have practiced some sort of yoga in the past. If you have your own yoga mattress don’t forget to bring it along, otherwise a large towel should also be enough.

Beginning: 7 pm; Admission: Free, donation based; How to get there: Parktheater, Hauptallee 12, 01219 Dresden; BUS EV 9/13 ‘Querallee’ stop.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/368607353779999/?event_time_id=368607363779998


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