What’s On in Dresden
16 November – 22 November 2018

Friday, 16 November: Waiting for Summer’s Return & Dresden Refuge

As part of the opening evening for the “NO HATE” Film Festival, two Dresden documentaries will be on show at the Technische Sammlungen. The best part is that admission on Friday is free, so there is no excuse not to attend and learn a bit more about what is going on in our very own home city. For a full description of the festival, be sure to check out our separate blog post by clicking here. The opening movie, Waiting for Summer’s Return, highlights the journey of the musicians of Dresden’s brass band ‘Banda Internationale’. The band which initially began as a an integration project has within the timespan of just one year become popular all over Germany, now performing in concerts throughout the country. The movie’s director, Barbara Lubich, will be present and open for questions from the audience after the showing. Following a short pause, the second movie, Dresden Refuge, shows the impact of the sudden wave of immigration in Dresden, a divided city with a troubled history. For those who can make it a little earlier, the official opening of the festival will take place at 6 p.m., with the presence of Dresden’s ‘Kneipenchor’.

Beginning: Opening at 6 p.m., first movie at 7 p.m., second at 10 p.m.; Admission: Free; How to get there: Technische Sammlungen Dresden, Junghanstraße 1-3, entrance via Schandauerstraße, 01277 Dresden; TRAM 4, 10 or BUS 61 ‘Pohlandplatz (Technische Sammlungen)’ stop.

More information: https://www.jkpev.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/no-hate-program-ENGLISH.pdf

Saturday, 17 November: Winter Handmade Market

Less than two weeks away from the opening of the 584 edition of Dresden’s Striezelmarkt, Germany’s oldest Christmas market, it is already time for smaller markets to open their doors. This Saturday, a market dedicated only for handmade items will take place on the magical Konzertplatz inside the Weißer Hirsch forest. For those who have never been or heard about the neighbourhood, it is a noble area known for its beautiful villas as well as for its proximity to the Dresden Heide, Dresden’s largest forest, which became internationally known in the 19th century for its famous sanatorium from Heinrich Lahmann where people would come and take part in “open-air bathing”, that is, go out into the forest and breath its fresh air as a cure for their illnesses. Right next to where the sanatorium once stood is the entrance to the Konzertplatz, an open concert area surrounded by the forest. Come up to this wonderful hidden gem above the Elbe valley and you will find the most beautiful handcrafted clothes, toys, Christmas decorations, and many other handmade items which will surely lighten up your holiday season.

Opening Times: 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.; Admission: Free; How to get there: Konzertplatz Weißer Hirsch, Stechgrundstraße, 01324 Dresden; TRAM 11 ‘Plattleite’ stop.

Sunday, 18 November: Yvonne, Prinses van Bourgondië

As part of the Fast Forward – European Festival for new Directors, Hellerau proudly presents the play ‘Yvonne, Prinses van Bourgondië’, directed by 30 year-old Belgian director Timeau De Keyser. In this piece by Polish author Witold Gombrowicz (1904 – 1969), an outsider provokes a society into an underhanded assassination. Out of nowhere, Ivona appears at the court of King Ignatius as a walking contradiction: stubborn, speechless, such that neither intelligence nor kindness can be found in her; she is somehow ugly and without ambition. Because he has the desire and the power to do so, Prince Philip offends the establishment and proposes to Ivona: a collective lese majesty. A blink of an eye later, the misplaced has spread a sense of insecurity and unleashed an identity crisis. And who could so easily forgive the attack on their own sovereignty? Timeau De Keyser unleashes Gombrowicz’s evil comedy in the middle of a round rostrum together with seven young actors. The ensemble’s unique presence and performance style become the driving force behind a situation which brings diffuse social violence to a head and is as comical as it is disturbing. (Text taken from event description).

Beginning:2:45 p.m. (Saturday at 9:30 p.m.); Admission:11 EUR Regular, 7 EUR Reduced; How to get there: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 56, 01109 Dresden; TRAM 8 ‘Festspielhaus Hellerau’ stop.

More information: https://www.hellerau.org/en/event/yvonne-prinses-van-bourgondie/

Monday, 19 November: Flag Making Workshop

Do you sometimes have the need to make something new, to produce a handcrafted object just for a bit of entertainment? Well, at this Monday’s Montagscafé, artist Raul Walch will lead a workshop and teach all of those who are interested how to make flags. On this “flying Monday” the group will decorate flags for a NEW DRESDEN, all of which at the end will then be hung on the poles in front of the Staatsschauspiel’s Kleines Haus in the Neustadt. This will be the first workshop of a series throughout the following months, in which Walch will be present on various weeks for various different handicraft activities. If you are interested in hands-on workshops as well as meeting new people from various different backgrounds, then be sure to pop into this week’s Montagscafé and find out the schedule the organizers have planned for the following months.

Beginning: 5 p.m.; Admission: Free; How to get there: Staatsschauspiel Dresden Kleines Haus, Glacisstr. 28, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 3, 6, 7, 8, 11 ‘Albertplatz’ stop.

Tuesday, 20 November: The Johnny Cash Show

Believe it or not, Johnny Cash is back! Well, not really the original Johnny Cash but Robert Tyson, frontman of the most successful Johnny Cash revival band The Cashbags is so similar to the original man in black that you might not even be able to tell the difference! The Dresden-based band doesn’t only look similar to the iconic “Johnny/June/Tennessee Three” quintet line-up; they also sound incredibly authentic, as if the original band were on stage. They are able to perform incredibly authentic versions of all classics such as “I Walk the Line”, “Ring of Fire” all the way to “Hurt” during an incredibly exciting two hour concert. The band’s repertoire also includes hits by June Carter Cash, Carl Perkins, Bob Dylan, and The Carter Family, rounding up to a true Johnny Cash show, full of charisma and original style. The group has been playing throughout Europe for ten successful years in front of more than 500,000 enthusiastic fans in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Holland.

Beginning: 9 p.m.; Admission: 16,60 EUR; How to get there: Rosis Amüsierlokal, Eschenstraße 11, 01097 Dresden; TRAM 7, 8 ‘Louisentsraße’ stop.

Tickets: https://bit.ly/2RWEOum

Wednesday, 21 November: Monty Alexander Trio

This week’s tip from the Jazztage Dresden might be a bit too price intensive but it is surely worth every cent, as Jamaican jazz pianist Monty Alexander accompanied by JJ Shakur on the bass and Jason Brown on the drums will be playing at Dresden’s Staatsoperette. If you would prefer to check out a performance with a lower price tag, be sure to check out the full program for the Jazztage Dresden, which will continue until November 29. This week also includes the performance by renowned Brazilian jazz pianist Ed Motta on Saturday (17/11) and legendary Gregory Porter on Sunday (18/11), though nearly all performances of the festival could be considered highlights, especially for jazz lovers. Monty Alexander began playing the piano when he was 4 years old and hasn’t stopped playing ever since. As a teenager he already gained experience in his local calypso and rhythm & blues band and was able to work as a studio pianist at the legendary Studio One. After studying classical music he quickly moved over to jazz, where he has stayed ever since. In August 2000, the Jamaican government designated him as Commander in the Order of Distinction for outstanding services to Jamaica as a worldwide music ambassador.

Beginning:8 p.m.; Admission: Tickets starting at 19 EUR online, +5 EUR at the door; How to get there: Staatsoperette Dresden, Kraftwerk Mitte 1, 01067 Dresden; TRAM 1, 2, 6, 10 or BUS 94 ‘Bahnhof Mitte’ stop.

More information: http://montyalexander.com/bio.php

Tickets: https://www.jazztage-dresden.de/de/programm/veranstaltung/monty_alexander/

Jazztage Dresden Program: https://www.jazztage-dresden.de/de/programm/

Thursday, 22 November: Political Art Days 2018

Thursday marks the beginning of this year’s Political Art Days, which will go on until Sunday, the 25. This year’s focus lies on our societal use of ending resources. Beside the critique of this topic, we invited artists and activists who show in various ways, how to establish an alternative way in using resources to foster a new positive relationship. A range of workshops, talks, art, performances and direct action will show you how. Events will be held in the Rösslstube (Friedrichstr. 37), Rosenwerk (Jagdweg 1-3), as well as in Kukulida (Martin-Luther-Straße 1). Be sure to check out the full program in the link listed below. On Thursday, a highlight of the program is the Resource Dinner, a 3-course dinner at the Rösslstube accompanied by food for thought, that is, with interesting discussions about how much impact we, as consumers, have on the economy and the environment. Be sure to register in advance though by sending an e-mail with the subject “Resource Dinner” to anmeldung@politicalartdays.de as the dinner is limited to only 25 people. If you are too late to get a spot, don’t worry, as of 10 p.m. the Rösslstube opens its doors and offers dessert for all, accompanied by fine music.

Beginning: 6:30 p.m.; Admission: Not listed, please check with organizers; How to get there: Rösslstube, Friedrichstr. 37, 01067 Dresden; TRAM 10 or BUS 94 ‘Weißeritzstr.’ Stop.

More information (German): https://bit.ly/2qPal5U  

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