What’s On in Dresden 19 April – 25 April 2019

Foto: G. Aust

Friday, 19 April: Rosi’s Rock Idols

As a response to their highly successful and well frequented student evening on Mondays, Rosis now has a new weekly event we can all look forward to: Rock Idols. It doesn’t matter if you prefer classic rock or a more modern indie, here at Rosis you will find good music for all tastes. With a repertoire of bands ranging from Queen over to Nirvana and all the way to The Cure and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, you will not be able to sit still. The best part is that the bar does not charge an entrance fee until 10 p.m., so be sure to get there a bit earlier and feel free to spend the money you just saved on the entrance fee on your first beer! Alongside the traditional cold beer served straight out of the tap, the bar also offers an array of delicious options when it comes to snacks. Invite all of your friends and start off your Easter holiday weekend with a great party in the Neustadt!

Beginning: 8 p.m.; Admission: Free until 10 p.m.; How to get there: Rosis Amüsierlokal, Eschenstr. 11, 01097 Dresden; TRAM 7, 8 ‘Louisenstraße’ stop.

Saturday, 20 April: Medieval Easter Spectacle in Freital

According to the Christian tradition, Easter is probably the religion’s oldest festival, taking place every year in remembrance of Jesus’ death on the cross and later resurrection three days later. But have you ever wondered what Easter would look like during the European Middle Ages? Medieval Christmas Markets during the Christmas season have become quite common throughout Germany, however, medieval Easter Markets are not so easy to find. This Easter, from Saturday all the way through to Easter Monday, the Freital Burgk castle will transport itself a few centuries into the past and bring you straight into the Middle Ages for an unforgettable spectacle. Right next to the gates of Dresden you will meet knights, cooks, singers, poets, blacksmiths, and many other figures directly out of the 15th century in this beautiful 500 year old castle. A true festival of the resurrection of old times, here you will find a number of craftsmen demonstrating how different objects are made. Naturally, you will also have the chance to purchase some of these handcrafts. For those who are worried about the food in the Middle Ages, surely you will be able to find something delicious straight out of a large steel pot over an open fire.

Opening Hours: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Admission: 7 EUR Regular, 4 EUR Reduced; How to get there: Schloss Freital-Burgk, Altburgk 61, 01705 Freital; BUS 66 (towards Freital) ‘Am Dathepark’ stop.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/771119293082837/

Sunday, 21 April: Magic Easter at the Zoo

On Sunday it is finally Easter and what better place to find the Easter Bunny and all of his delicious treats than at the zoo? The Dresden Zoo has put together a comprehensive program for young and adults alike to enjoy the beautiful weather during this year’s Easter weekend. As this is a magical Easter, do not be surprised to find a magician here and there in the zoo performing the most incredible illusions. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., kids can have a lot of fun at the painting and creating station, where they can paint spring motives or maybe decorate Easter baskets. Throughout the day, many Easter Bunnies will give out sweets and delicious treats to the kids throughout the zoo. Everyone is also welcome to meet the real Easter Bunny at the Hasendorf (Bunny Village). Things might get a bit cold at around 11 a.m., when the huge ice block will be brought for the penguins. For a small 3 euro donation you may even take a small penguin figure picked out of the ice block! Be sure to be early though, as there are only 100 figures hidden in the ice. Visitors will also learn about the different species of penguins and why is it these beautiful black and white animals are threatened as well as what may be done to further protect their existence. These Penguin focused events come as part of the celebrations for World Penguin Day, which takes place on April 25th. The Zoo is always a fun place for families with small children but during Easter Sunday and Monday, the Zoo in Dresden will be even more fun than usual!

Beginning: 10 a.m.; Admission: 3 EUR; How to get there: Zoo Dresden, Tiergartenstraße 1, 01219 Dresden; BUS EV 9/13 ‘Zoo’ stop, alternatively TRAM 11 to ‘Lennéplatz’ and then walk 5 mins.

More information (German): http://tiny.cc/nekd5y

Monday, 22 April: Café Lingua – Polish, French, Arabic

With the start of the new semester, Café Lingua is back! At this weekly language café, you have the chance to not only practice a new language but also to make great new friends. Each week, three different languages are featured, this week these are Polish, French, and Arabic, however, if you happen to be learning another language and are able to find someone who can and wishes to speak it, you are free to do so. Naturally, you can always find interesting conversations in English as well as German. The format is simple, the group always meets up in front of the Vodafone shop at the Albertplatz and then walk together to a bar or pub in the Neustadt where everyone has the chance to get to know each other and engage in conversation. A few activities are also part of the program, so as to give insight into the week’s featured languages. If you are not able to make it to the Albertplatz by 8 p.m., you may also go directly to the bar, the address is listed below.

Beginning: 8 p.m.; Admission: Free; How to get there: TíR Na NÓG, Bischofweg 34, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 7, 8, 13 ‘Bischofsweg’ stop.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/2166947770282504/

Tuesday, 23 April: Tuesday Night Jump

Swing dance actually refers to a group of dances, all of which developed with the swing style of jazz music in the ‘20s-‘40s and led to the popular “swing era”. Hundreds of different dances came out of the “swing era”, however, only a few survived until today, the most well-known of all being Lindy Hop, which originated in the New York neighbourhood of Harlem in the early 1930’s. What is so great about swing? Swing is a mixture of individuality within a wonderful community, the music infects whoever hears it, surprises and creates magical moment. Anyone who dances swing smiles, laughs, savours the moment, the music, the movement, and the partner. If you do not have any experience with swing dance but would like to learn the basics, just come by at 8 p.m. for an open course where you can already start moving your hips to the rhythm. The actual party with live music by the Dresden Big Band will then begin at 9 p.m.. Other special guests will play live and everyone is welcome to join the dance floor and dance the night away. The program also includes a few surprises along the night and a Lindy Hop performance, so come out to be sure you don’t miss out!

Beginning: 8 p.m.; Admission: Free; How to get there: Scheune Dresden, Alaunstraße 36-40, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 3,6,11 ‘Albertplatz’ stop, TRAM 7,8 ‘Louisenstraße’ stop, TRAM 13 ‘Görlitzer Straße’ stop.

More information (German): https://www.facebook.com/events/562622840916829/

Wednesday, 24 April: Environmental Movie Evening: Chasing Coral

Perhaps you have already heard or e even watched this 2017 Netflix environmental documentary but in case you haven’t, this is your chance to watch one of the best documentary films of 2017. Chasing Coral is about divers, scientists and photographers around the world who document the disappearance of coral reefs. The sad reality of coral bleaching is captured in compelling scenes and serves as a wake up call to the fact that our reefs are now vanishing at an unprecedented rate. The movie has a staggering 100% score on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and a very impressive 8,1/10 score on the internet movie database. The putting together of the entire documentary in itself was an impressive feat, the result of more that 500 hours of underwater footage, coral bleaching submissions from volunteers in 30 countries, as well as the support from more than 500 people in various locations around the world. Sure, you may watch it directly on Netflix but watching a well made movie on the big screen, especially when it is free, is always better!

Beginning: 8:30 p.m.; Admission: Free, donation based; How to get there: Kino im Kasten, August-Bebel-Str. 20, 01219 Dresden; TRAM 9, 13 or BUS 61, 63, 75 ‘Julius-Otto-Straße’ stop or TRAM 11 ‘Strehlener Platz’ stop.

More information (German): https://www.kino-im-kasten.de/film.html?id=494

Thursday, 25 April: Costume Exhibition by the HfBK  

Until the 12th of May, a different yet quite interesting exposition will be on show at the palace in Dresden’s Großer Garten. The costume design students of the city’s renowned art school, the Hochschule für Bildende Künste, will be presenting the results of this year’s main student project. The students were given the task to interpret and design a historical outfits based either on a model or their own drafts. The outcome includes traditional clothing spanning from the late middle ages up to the early 20th century. Here you will find the most beautiful dresses which were once designed for princesses and queens or maybe even a few more modern outfits straight out of the industrial era. This year, the exhibition will also include a special section dedicated to the students of drama design, which includes not only costumes but also a few props. Along with the costumes themselves, pictures will give visitors the chance to peek behind the scenes to better understand the conceptualization and production process for such pieces of clothing. The exhibition is open from Wednesdays to Sunday as well as on holidays from 2 to 6 p.m..

Opening hours: Wed.-Sun.: 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.; Admission: Free, donation based; How to get there: Palais im Großer Garten, Hauptallee 5, 01219 Dresden; TRAM 10, 13 ‘Georg-Arnhold-Bad’ stop or TRAM 1, 2 ‘Comeniusplatz’ stop.

More information (German): https://www.hfbk-dresden.de/veranstaltungenkalender/details/zeitspruenge-xi/


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