What’s On in Dresden
26 July – 1 August 2019


Picture: Palaissommer Dresden; Toni Kretschmer

Friday, 26 July: Critical Mass

Meet new people at the Critical Mass Events where cyclists meet to ride in community through the city, both protesting  for more cycle friendly city and against the preeminance of cars and also because it is fun to ride as a group. Swing by and meet new people.

Beginning: 6:30 pm; Admission: Free; How to get there: Skatepark Lignerallee; https://bit.ly/2OiBv3w; You should come by bike
More information: https://criticalmass.in/dresden
Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/448206922671981

Saturday, 27 July: Jazz Concert

Traditional Cuban music, Buena Vista feeling, the taste of sun & salt of the Caribbean Sea on your tongue and the pulsing of music from Havana’s patina-covered buildings in your ear.
The Jazztage Dresden (with actual core time from the 23.10 until the 24.11) present Habana Traditional in the traditional formation of vocals, bongos, congas, guitar tres cubano and bass interpreted by Cuba Percussion & Friends.
Beginning: 7:30 pm; Admission: 15 EUR; How to get there: Saloppe Brockhausstr. 1, 01099 Dresden; https://bit.ly/2JPk5Hu; TRAM 41 ‘Wilhelminenstraße’ stop
Tickets: www.jazztage-dresden.de/en/program/veranstaltung/habana_tradicional-5
More Information (German): www.jazztage-dresden.de/de/kuenstler/kuenstlerdetail/cuba_percussion_friends_feat_yaremi_de_las_mercedes_kordos-1

Sunday, 28 July: Painting together

At the open-air studio, all painters and those interested in painting will be given the opportunity in the park before the Palais summer to realize their own view of the city silhouette or a completely different theme on the canvas.
Over a total of four weeks, you get to know art students, artists and autodidacts. And whoever paints in the park is also seen in the park – not everyone has that much audience.
If you want to participate directly, please preregister (by e-mail to grundmann@palaissommer.de). Otherwise you can just come over and enjoy the show
Opening Hours: Daily from 6 pm; Admission: Free; How to get there: Palaisplatz 11, 01097 Dresden; https://bit.ly/2M8AgB9; TRAM 4, 9 ‘Palaisplatz’ stop.
More information (German): https://palaissommer.de/programm/gemeinsam-malen

Monday, 29 July: Piano Concert a little different

Pianist Andrea Vizzini takes his audience on a musical journey of a special kind on his apparently silent piano. Only through headphones is it possible for concert visitors to follow the fantastic piano music. All listeners experience the concert together, but each listener enjoys the music individually. (Translated from https://bit.ly/2Go35Wv.)As part of the Palaissommmer Dresden there will be more top-level concerts in the genre of classical music the following days. Just take a look at the 1st of August for more information.

Beginning: 8 p.m.; Admission: Free (Recommendation to donate: 10 EUR); Location: https://bit.ly/2M8AgB9; How to get there: Palaisplatz 11, 01097 Dresden; TRAM 4, 9 ‘Palaisplatz’ stop.
More information (in German): https://palaissommer.de/programm/silent-concert-andrea-vizzini-i

Tuesday, 30 July: Yoga in the Park

On Tuesday you have two yoga options! In the morning there is a yoga course with focus on your legs and feed to start the day stable and grounded. In the afternoon there will be Ayurveda-Yoga. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian health teaching, and yoga are inseparably linked. Both teachings focus on keeping body, mind and soul healthy. Combining Ayurveda and Yoga is said to reconnect you with your (inner) nature. Both sessions are located in a beautiful Park right next to the Elbe and are part of the (admission-free) Pailaissommer, which also offers a broad range of events until the 16.10.2019. You don’t have a yoga mat or would like to spontaneously participate in a yoga session? No problem. You can rent a yoga mat for free, as deposit you only need an identity document or something similar.
Beginning morning session: 8 a.m.; Beginning afternoon session: 5:30 p.m.; Admission: Free (Recommendation to donate: 5 EUR); How to get there: Palaisplatz 11, 01097 Dresden; https://bit.ly/2M8AgB9; TRAM 4, 9 ‘Palaisplatz’ stop.
More information (German): https://palaissommer.de/programm/mit-beiden-beinen-fest-auf-dem-boden-yoga-fuer-stabilitaet/; https://palaissommer.de/programm/ayurveda-yoga/

Wednesday, 31 July: Movie – Yesterday

Jack Malik (Himesh Patel, BBC’s Eastenders) is a singer-songwriter in a small English coastal town whose dreams of fame fade quickly despite the fierce devotion and support of his best childhood girlfriend, Ellie. After an accident and a global blackout, Jack wakes up again and finds out that the Beatles never existed. But whom to idolize then?
Beginning: 7:30 p.m.; Admission: 6 EUR How to get there: Thalia; Görlitzer Strasse 6, 01099 Dresden ; https://bit.ly/2Z9A1cV; TRAM 13, ‘Görlitzer Straße (Nordbad)’ stop.
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzyPjODcKFo

Thursday, 1 August: Piano Concerto

In the context of the Palaissommer there are top-level pianists coming to Dresden, each presenting a broad and individual programm on donation base only!
On the 1st of August Nadezda Tseluykina (RUS) will play Mozart (Ouverture zu „Zauberflöte“); Marcello-Bach (Adagio from Conerto d-moll BWV 974); Rachmaninov (2 Momentes musicaux op.16); Kreisler-Rachmaninov (Liebesleid); Liszt (Hungarian Rhapsodie Nr. 12); and Ravel („Miroirs“ Une Barque sur l’Océan; Alborada del gracios and Gershwin: Rhapsody in blue).
The very next day (02.08.) Marianna Storozhenko (RUS) will compete with her compatriot interpreting Villa (Lobos Valsa Da Dor); Rachmaninow (6 Moments Musicaux op.16; Andantino b-Moll, Allegretto es-moll, Andante cantabile h-moll, Presto e-moll, Adagio sostenuto Des-dur, Maestoso C-dur); Chopin (Preludes op.28; Nr.21 Cantabile B-dur, Nr. 22 Molto Agitato g-moll, Nr. 23 Moderato F-dur, Nr. 24 Allegro appassionato d-moll); Tschaikowski (Pletnew Andante maestoso from “The Nutcracker”); and Liszt (Venezia e Napoli Années de Pèlirinage; Gondoliera; Canzone; Tarantella).

This is high culture at a high level. The serie is continuing on the 4th of August with Hyojin Park (KOR) (Bach: Prelude Fugue BWV. 860; Liszt: Paganinj Etüde ”La campanella”; Chopin: Scherzo op.31 nr.2; Chopin: Polonaise Fantasie op.61; Schumann: Sonate op.22 nr.2; Brahms: Klavier Stücke op.119). So dear fans of classical music: Pay close attention to this explosion of art!
Beginning: 7 p.m. each; Admission: Free (Recommendation to donate: 10 EUR); How to get there: Palaisplatz 11, 01097 Dresden; https://bit.ly/2M8AgB9; TRAM 4, 9 ‘Palaisplatz’ stop.
More information (German): https://palaissommer.de/programm/nadezda-tseluykina-rus-2/https://palaissommer.de/programm/marianna-storozhenko-rushttps://palaissommer.de/programm/hyojin-park-kor


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