Due to the Coronavirus, please stay home!

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Good people,
We would love to keep on giving you great tips on what you can do in Dresden. But unfortunately Corona restricts us all. Therefore here is our hint and request to you: Stay at home as much as possible! Avoid social (physical) contacts. Wash your hands excessively. If you can’t stand it at home anymore: go for a walk. But please don’t get infected and take care of yourself. If you have any questions regarding your stay, accommodation or anything else, the best way to contact us is via mail. We continue to work from home, so we are still there for you and support you as much as we can. Unfortunately we also have to break off all excursions. We’ll keep you up to date!


Otherwise, keep calm, enjoy the sun from your balcony or windowsill and be in solidarity.

your Welcome Center – Team


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