What’s On in Dresden 31 August – 6 September

Friday, 31 August: The Sound of Bronkow

‘The Sound of Bronkow’ is a three day music festival, from Friday to Sunday, for folk and indie music hosted by Dresden’s Societaetstheater. The event is organized partially by the theatre itself and in part by the local music label ‘K&F Records’. The festival, which once began small, is now reaching its ninth edition; however, it still managed to retain a quite familiar character. Most of the participating artists come from a closer ‘friend/family’ group of the theatre or of the label, either from having performed in the past or from working together to release a record. Naturally, a number of guests from around the world have also been invited and are on their way to rock Dresden this weekend. The heart of the event will be on the three indoor stages inside the Societaetstheater and another stage outside, although some concerts will also take place in other locations throughout the city. The outdoor stage at the Societaetstheater’s gardens will be open for all, making its concerts free of charge. For full access, however, tickets must be purchased either directly at the theatre’s ticketing booth or online via the link below.

Beginning: 6 p.m.; Admission: Free outdoor stage / 20 EUR Friday Ticket / 25 EUR Saturday ticket / 37 EUR 3-day ticket  ; How to get there: Societaetstheater, An der Dreikönigskirche 1a, 01097 Dresden; TRAM 3, 6, 7, 8, 11 ‘Albertplatz’ stop.

More information (German): http://sob.kfrecords.de/

Tickets: https://kfrecords.de/shop/

Saturday, 1 September: Kraftwerk Mitte Sommerfest

Temperatures may be beginning to drop and it may already seem as though autumn is already beginning, however, summer is not yet officially over. To celebrate this fact, Kraftwerk Mitte has put together a wonderfully diverse program for its very own summer fest. This Saturday, all of the grounds will be open to visitors, with attractions varying from theatre presentations to free access to Dresden’s museum of energy. Kraftwerk is the German word for power plant and refers to the imposing 19th century coal power plant which once served the city of Dresden with electricity. Today, it hosts the city’s largest dance club, two theatres, a museum, parts of Dresden’s music school, as well as offices and restaurants. The highlights for this Saturday’s festival include a concert by Dresden’s “Banda Internationale”, a tent showing short films organized by “Kino im Dach”, as well as an international peace slam organized by “Mic4Peace”. For those who enjoy the location so much and would like to stay longer, the after-party begins at 10 p.m. and goes on into the early hours of the morning. Be sure to arrive early though, as there is a lot to experience in only one day.

Opening Times: From 2 p.m. – 10 p.m. ; Admission: Free, with the exception of a few event (marked with a * in the flyer below); How to get there: Kraftwerk Mitte 1-32, 01067 Dresden; TRAM 1, 2, 6, 10 or BUS 90 ‘Bahnhof Mitte’ stop.

More information: www.kraftwerk-mitte-dresden.de/media/pdf/kraftwerk-mitte/KWM_Sommerfest_Eventfaltblatt-Web.pdf

Sunday, 2 September: Bautzen’s Altstadtfestival

“Water, Art, Light” – under this motto, Bautzen opens its doors for its first old city festival. Bautzen is one of the most beautiful cities in Saxony, with a history spanning all the way into the middle ages. Its charming medieval old town is marked by many stone towers which define the city’s skyline. The city is often regarded as the unofficial capital of the Upper Lusatia (Oberlausitz) and thereby the main cultural centre for the Sorbs. Although only a minority of around 5-10% of the population is composed of Sorbs, this Slavic group of people played an important role in the city’s history, which is why Sorbian can still be seen on signs around the city and is still taught in a few schools. This weekend’s festival aims at celebrating the rich history of this city lying on the river Spree, with fascinating colors, music, and dance. Come and get lost inside the city’s narrow alleys to find out wonderful surprises spread across its old town. The festival promises to offer attractions for both young and old, so feel free to bring the whole family and friends. If you have never been to Bautzen, this is the perfect opportunity to finally do so! The festival begins already on Friday and stretches all the way until Sunday.

Beginning: 10 a.m.; Admission: Free; How to get there: Bautzen is reachable in less than an hour by train from Dresden, the old city is a 15 minute walk away from Bautzen’s train station.

More information (German): https://bautzen.info/veranstaltungen-kultur/altstadtfestival-2018/#1534950136764-5859099f-7f2a

Monday, 3 September: Jazzfanatics

After a short summer pause, Jazzfanatics is back! It is time for cheeks to blush once more, at least when it comes to the cheeks of those blowing into their shiny brass instruments. It is also time to bring out the drums, the cymbals and also to get a few fingers ready to hit the keys on the keyboard. As for the audience, it will be hard to sit still with the musicians coming back at it strong for a new season of Dresden’s longest running weekly event. It has already been 22 years ever since Jazzfanatics starting playing every Monday and they do not plan on stopping anytime soon. If they’ve managed to play for so long, then certainly they’re doing something right! If you have never watched this wonderful jazz band play, then be sure to check them out, even if you cannot make it this Monday, then mark your calendar for next week. For their new season, they have chosen a new theme as well as a new band name, the theme being “Help, my neighbour listens to jazz!”. As for the band name, they are proud to present themselves with the longest band name you’ve ever heard: “The Real Monday Night Long Island Ice Tea Jazzfanatics Orchestra”!

Beginning: 9 p.m.; Admission: Free, donation based; How to get there: Scheune Dresden; Alaunstraße 36-40, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 3, 6, 7, 8, 11 ‘Albertplatz’ stop, TRAM 13 ‘Görlitzer Straße’ stop.

Tuesday, 4 September: Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

This 2018 American comedy-drama film is based on a memoir of the same name by John Callahan and follows a recently paralyzed alcoholic who finds a passion for drawing off-colour newspaper cartoons. After nearly dying in a car accident, the last thing Oregon slacker John Callahan intends to do is give up alcohol. Encouraged by his girlfriend and a charismatic sponsor, Callahan reluctantly enters a treatment program and discovers that he has a knack for drawing. The budding artist soon finds himself with a new lease on life when his edgy and irreverent newspaper cartoons gain a national and devoted following. Outside if the books, real Callahan suffered the accident which would make him quadriplegic at the age of 21 and spent the rest of his days in a wheelchair, having passed away in 2010 at the age of 59. The title is a reference to one of his cartoons, which depicts a group of cowboys reaching an abandoned wheelchair; the sentence is then uttered by one of them to the rest of the group. The critical consensus from Rotten Tomatoes for the film adaptation goes as follows: “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot avoids inspirational biopic clichés thanks to sensitive work from writer-director Gus Van Sant and the admirable efforts of a well-chosen cast.” The movie was, in general, given positive reviews, with 75% of critics and 74% of the audience giving it positive reviews.

Beginning: 8:45 p.m.; Admission: 6 EUR; How to get there: Thalia Cinema, Görlitzer Str. 6, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 13 ‘Görlitzer Str./Nordbad’ stop.

Wednesday, 5 September: Johannstadt’s Apple Days

Apples are undoubtedly one of the most widespread fruits worldwide. The fruit, which originated in Central Asia, is now cultivated across the world, resulting in over 7,500 known cultivars. Apples can be bred for a variety of different characteristics, such as cooking, cider production, or for eating raw. Ever since European colonialists brought the fruit from Asia, it has also spread throughout the continent as one of the most resilient fruit trees in the continent. Apples may be easily found across Germany, including in Dresden, where the banks of the river Elbe present an ideal home for numerous apple trees. To celebrate the abundance of this sweet and delicious fruit, the community of Dresden’s neighbourhood Johannstadt welcomes all who are interested for this year’s ‘Apple Days’. The event takes place over two days and begins on Tuesday with the picking of apples on the Johannstadt’s banks of the Elbe. This green side of the river hosts numerous trees, allowing for a plentiful harvest of the fruit. On the following day, on Wednesday, it is then time to prepare the apples so that they do not go to waste. Be sure to bring a clean bottle with you, as on this day participants of the event will learn how apple juice is made. After the pressing, there will surely be enough juice for all to quench their thirst and delight in sweet apple juice!

Beginning: 3 p.m.; Admission: Free; How to get there: Johannstädter Kulturtreff, Elisenstr. 35, 01307 Dresden; TRAM 6, 13 ‘Sachsenallee’ stop.

Thursday, 6 September: Jam Session with ‘Electric Fluid’

At a jam session, musicians are welcome to play according to their hearts, improvising away and creating music out of thin air. The band “Electric Fluid” is a concept improvisation band, with enough experience under its belt for improvising on stage. No doubt, this is the perfect band to invite for a jam session, which is exactly what the Scheune, in the Dresden Neustadt, has put together for this Thursday! Get yourself ready for Friday by coming out to the square in front of the Scheune and listen as “Electric Fluid” play to anyone who came for the concert and all who are just passing by. The band promises a groovy bass, an atmospheric guitar, and driving drums. The concert itself has no script, the musicians play according to their own hearts and can quickly change from a slow and melodic tune into a rocky, complex or almost electronic sounding rhythm. Feel free to bring your friends for this rather unique musical experience, just do not bring any expectations as the music can go in any direction!

Beginning: 6 p.m.; Admission: Free; How to get there: Scheune Dresden, Alaunstraße 36-40, 01099 Dresden; TRAM 3, 6, 11 ‘Albertplatz’ stop, TRAM 7, 8 ‘Louisenstraße’ stop, TRAM 13 ‘Görlitzer Straße (Nordbad)’ stop.

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