What’s On In Dresden
18 – 24 October 2019

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch)

Tips and Notes for the weekend

// This Friday the DAVE Festival for Clubculture starts.
This year’s motto “Retrofuture” addresses not only the obvious aesthetic perspective but also the social relevance of club culture. Lessons for a responsible social dialogue can also be drawn from a reflected look into the past. Today, according to this, the protagonists increasingly refer to the former promises of techno on their very own playground of electronic music, the club. In addition to the function of escapism and the aesthetic confrontation with different art movements, the club serves as a place for socio-political debates that negotiate how we will live together in the future.
From 18. till 27. october, DAVE continues to translate these considerations into various events that encompass both established and completely new concepts. Large audiovisual concerts alternate with workshops, discussions, multisensory events, but also parties.

// On Sunday, 20. october from 10 am to 4 pm, you can have a stroll on the Antiques and Flea Markt in front of the Scheune. Or if you also would like to get rid of some stuff, get your own stand: More Information

// Do you know the European Centre for the Arts in Hellerau? Every evening this weekend, they will present a Ballet performed by the Dresden-Frankfurt Dance Company – one of the most expressive groups of modern dancing you can find.

Alternativly, or even additionally, check out the Hellerau hills! You can find a map with a suggested hiking-route on the website of the Dresden public transportation company.
On the website there are various beautiful routes through Dresden that can be easily reached by public transportation. Though this special information is provided in German only, there is always a map and next to it a short information poster e.g. with the lenght of the tour (how many kilometers; how much time to be planned).

// Now we would like to share some plitical matters with you. On Sunday, 20. october, the xenophobic and right-wing populist movement PEGIDA has registered a demonstration on the occasion of their 5th “anniversary” at 2 pm on Dresden’s Neumarkt. The good news is that a lot of counterprotests have been organized. Behind the counterprotests are organisations such as Herz statt Hetze (“Hearts against hatred”), the climate activists of Fridays for Future and the Tolerave association, which unites artists from the electronic music scene. In order to stand up for more humanity and solidarity, the counterprotest will start at 11.55 am at Dresden-Neustadt railway station and walk across to Wilsdruffer Straße.

The day before the protests, on Saturday, 19. october from 3 pm till 5 pm, the organizing alliance invites guests to make their own lanterns to bring light into the darkness on Sunday.
You can create a peaceful sign against hatred and discrimination at the WirAg (Martin-Luther-Straße 21, 01099 Dresden). The lanterns are prepared and only have to be assembled. If you want to create your own design, you only have to bring pens for transparent paper.

Tips for the week

// In case it gets rainy we’d like to remind you that Dresden has three bouldering halls. From north to south the Mandala, the Bouldercity and the Kletterarena.

// Have you already checked out the cultural programme of the International Office? For instance, there are some last minute spots for the Cook Club on Friday.

// If you are into Jazz, this might be a highlight for you: next Wednesday the Dresden Jazzdays start. The Jazzdays are an international festival from 23. 10 till 24.11 that has been acclaimed for first-class jazz in all its variety and scope. For a whole month you can enjoy Jazz whatever day you like.

Recurring Events:

Montagscafé: https://www.staatsschauspiel-dresden.de/spielplan/a-z/montagscafe/
Blue Note (regular concerts, most free, mainly jazz): https://www.jazzdepartment.com/events
Saloppe (afterwork party every Tuesday): https://www.saloppe.de/programm/
Carolaschlöschen (afterwork party every Thursday): https://www.carolaschloesschen.de/veranstaltungen/afterwork-party/

Cinemas screening films in original language with undertitles:

Kino im Kasten: https: //www.kino-im-kasten.de/programm.html
Programmkino Ost: https://programmkino-ost.de/filme/filter/ov
Thalia Theater: http://www.thalia-dresden.de/ (Look for “Das Original ist besser” in the headline, to be sure that it is really the original version and not only an international title)

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